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Pink Brick Wall

Who is she? 

Jen Sloan

I am a passionate and versatile artist, driven by my love for various creative endeavors. With a deep-rooted enthusiasm for different career paths, I have decided to pursue them all. With over 10 years of experience as a theatre director and producer, I have honed my unique artistic perspective that combines humor, horror, and high-stakes elements, bringing them to the forefront of all my work.

In addition to my expertise in theatre, I am a skilled artist proficient in multimedia visual arts and jewelry making. What sets my creations apart is the distinct "Jen Sloan Touch" (yes, I admit, I can be a bit self-aware). I have a knack for manipulating the concept of "mess" to create something extraordinary. Whether it's orchestrating controlled chaos on stage, utilizing recycled materials (often referred to as "trash") in my artwork, or even offering house cleaning and organizing services, I find beauty in transforming disorder into captivating art forms.

My dedication to excellence extends to every aspect of my work, be it entertaining audiences, curating eclectic styles, or maintaining the pristine condition of your home. I take great pride in delivering exceptional results and constantly strive to surpass expectations.

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My Triple Threat

Pink Brick Wall
Sloan's Scrapyard

Explore my shop and view photos from my collection. Commissions are available upon request.

Sloan's Scrapyard is dedicated to making art from recycled and donated materials. Our mission is to give new life to forgotten materials.


I am a Chicago-based Theatre Maker, specializing in Directing. I have directed and produced numerous plays and musicals throughout the years, bringing unique absurd, and twisted takes on the various productions. Explore my gallery of past productions.


Cleaning, organizing, and maintaining a home can be a challenging task for many individuals, but it's necessary. My housekeeper and organizer services aim to make your life easier by providing top-notch cleaning. I work to provide personalized cleaning services to meet your specific needs.

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